OpenAI's Latest Release: GPT-4o! Three Ways Any Small Business Can Benefit

OpenAI recently launched the latest version of ChatGPT – GPT-4o – featuring some of the most exciting updates yet.


OpenAI recently launched the latest version of ChatGPT – GPT-4o –(with an "o" for omni) featuring some of the most exciting updates yet. Faster, more affordable, and incredibly powerful, this update can speed up your workflow, increase productivity, and inspire creativity in ways you couldn't have imagined. Best of all, some of these functions are available in the Free plan, but it really comes to life if you upgrade to the Plus plan !

OpenAI’s new flagship model can process audio, visual, and text data in real-time. Unlike previous versions, GPT-4o can accept and process inputs and prompts in any combination of text, audio and image. This means information is not lost between user and machine, resulting in a faster, more intuitive, and more versatile user experience.

While some of GPT-4o’s functions are still being rolled out and others are fully available in the Plus plan, OpenAI is offering limited capabilities in the Free plan.  Additionally, GPT-4o supports more than 50 languages.

Three New Functionalities Entrepreneurs Should Experiment With:

1. Create Infographics

Infographics, which combine images, icons, and minimal text to make data easily understandable, are a great way to present information visually. With GPT-4o, busy entrepreneurs can upload an image with data and sketches and use the prompt, "Create an infographic from the data in this image", to quickly and easily generate a professional-looking infographic. Make sure to use your brand colors, of course.

For example, an entrepreneur running an online tutoring business could use a mix of infographics, images and text to support their marketing efforts, engage their audience, or add value for existing clients. GPT-4o could help create elements that highlight the benefits of online tutoring compared to traditional in-person tutoring, using compelling arguments, statistics, and testimonials. Additionally, it could propose visually striking comparisons between online and in-person tutoring, illustrating key differences in effectiveness, cost, and convenience.

2. Create Custom Fonts

With GPT-4o, small business owners can easily bring their unique font ideas to life. Simply describe your vision in detail—like "The letters ABC DEF GHIJ displayed in three rows, displayed as one would showcase a font in a fontbook. This is a font that [your font description]"—and watch as GPT-4o generates a stunning visual representation of your custom font. This tool takes the hassle out of design, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Imagine having a creative assistant that instantly transforms your ideas into eye-catching visuals. GPT-4o's image generation capability does just that, making it a game-changer for small businesses. Whether you need a custom font or a unique logo, this AI tool turns your descriptions into high-quality designs. It's like having a graphic designer at your fingertips, ready to help you stand out in the market, and if nothing else, it is an amazing tool to get inspiration. Of course, it always remains the entrepreneur's responsability to make sure that the newley created designs are novel and unique and do not infringe on existing copyrights.

3. Improve Your Website

A brilliant function that can help any entrepreneur in any sector is the ability to optimize your website. By entering your url or taking a screenshot of your website homepage and uploading it to GPT-4o with a prompt like, "This is my website homepage. My target audience is [describe target audience], and I want people to [describe goal of website]. Make optimization suggestions to improve my homepage based on this brief", you can get tailored advice.

For example, GPT-4o might suggest that a yoga teacher optimize their homepage by incorporating calming imagery and soothing colors. It might recommend adding a prominent call-to-action button encouraging visitors to sign up for a free trial class or download a beginner's guide to yoga, aligning with the goal of converting visitors into students. Additionally, it could suggest organizing the navigation menu to make it easier for visitors to find essential information, such as class schedules, instructor bios, and pricing options, thereby improving the overall user experience.


The latest release from OpenAI, GPT-4o, promises a slew of powerful features to revolutionize workflow, increase productivity, and inspire creativity. Most notably, it enables real-time processing of inputs in text, audio, and image formats, ensuring a seamless and versatile user experience. While some functionalities are still in development, several capabilities are offered in the ChatGPT Free plan, marking a significant step in democratizing the use of AI – something we at Balloonary are strong advocates for.

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