How AI is Revolutionizing Online Advertising: Exploring the Benefits for Marketers

Generative AI presents one of the greatest disruptions to online advertising ever seen, but it also promises a world of opportunity. Here’s how AI-powered marketing can help you.

How AI is Revolutionizing Online Advertising: Exploring the Benefits for Marketers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around in some form for decades. But for the first time, it is set to transform the world of online advertising and marketing beyond recognition. Specifically, we’re talking about a subset of AI known as generative AI, which focuses on replicating the creative processes that not so long ago were entirely in human hands.

Generative AI uses a combination of deep learning algorithms and massive neural networks to learn from the depth and breadth of collective human knowledge to produce unique content from scratch. That’s not to say it can replace professionals in marketing and advertising, but rather that it can greatly enhance their abilities to scale across channels and touchpoints.

Brainstorming compelling ad campaigns at massive scale

Perhaps the most promising use case of generative AI in online marketing is brainstorming for ideas. Because AI has access to a vast wealth of information, it can generate new and creative ideas, help overcome preconceptions and biases, and explore a broader range of possibilities – all at machine speed. That’s particularly valuable for advertisers and marketers with limited financial or human resources, such as solopreneurs and micro-business owners.

Generative AI excels in ideation, especially when it comes to ad copy or even outlining longer-form inbound marketing content. For example, let’s say you want to create the perfect Google Ad. In this case, you would briefly describe the product or service you’re advertising, your unique value proposition (UVP), and optionally, your brand voice and style. AI can then create any number of potential ads you desire. You can then choose the ones you like best, tweak them to your liking if necessary, and then publish them.

Achieve continuous optimization with integrated analytics

Integrated analytics has long been the driving force behind the power of online advertising. All online activities leave behind a trail of data, which analytics platforms translate into actionable insights. This lets marketers see exactly how their ads are performing and carry out A/B testing to iteratively improve their strategies. Combined with generative AI, we can now automate almost all of the end-to-end advertising process.

Today’s AI engines can make informed decisions at unprecedented scale by distilling massive amounts of data into insights that even novice marketers can easily understand. For example, it can tell you not just how many clicks and conversions your Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads are getting, but also what type of people are most likely to click or convert. That way, you have the information you need to better customize your ad content and targeting. Factor in the power of generative AI, and you can make those customizations in a mere fraction of the time as well.