Why Use Ad Builders for Online Ads

Ad builders are tools designed to simplify and streamline the online ad creation process. Learn why you should use them to create and launch online ads to grow your business.

Incredible Machine Ad Builder
Incredible Machine Ad Builder

Building online ads can feel daunting because – creativity and copywriting skills aside – they are a multifaceted process, involving several crucial steps to ensuring the effectiveness and success of your online marketing campaign, all of which ad builders can help you with.

Building online ads involves defining your campaign objectives and identifying your target audience. Understanding the goals of the campaign, whether it's to drive sales, increase brand awareness, or generate leads, is essential for crafting compelling ad content. Here are the basics:

·       Choosing the right platform: Your ads need to be set up within the chosen advertising platform, whether it's Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or another online advertising platform, will depend on your campaign objectives. Depending on the selected platform you will need to select targeting parameters such as demographics and location and set bidding strategies and budgets. Good ad builders will help you with identifying your goals and allow you to select flexible budgets that meet your needs.

·       Creative elements: If you are going to launch a Google search ad you will need to write persuasive ad copy. In addition, if you go for Facebook or Instagram, you will need to design attention-grabbing visuals too. Typically, this is done by designers, but nowadays ad builders offer predefined templates to choose from. What’s more, the technology is  evolving so quickly , that you can create personalised visuals that reflect you brand and specific campaign objectives leveraging the power of AI. We will discuss this further down.

·       Key words: Once you are clear on your advertising goals, ad builders can help you by identifying the most relevant keywords and phrases that resonate with your target audience. These keywords play a vital role in ensuring that the ads appear in relevant search results and/or reach the right audience.

·       Monitoring and Optimisation: Once the ads are live, ongoing monitoring and testing are essential to ensure optimal performance. This includes analysing ad metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates to adjust the campaign as needed to improve results. Ad builders help you to get to this step faster, by simplifying the entire ad setup process, giving you more time to work on improving your ads.

Creating and launching online ads is a comprehensive process that requires careful planning, strategic execution, and continuous improvement to drive meaningful results and achieve campaign objectives. By using ad builders, entrepreneurs save time and resources while maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising efforts, but there is more, come:

AI Ad Builders

One of the most significant technological advances of our times is the rising integration of AI in our everyday tools and ad builders have not been spared. AI ad builders can provide efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness in ad creation. Entrepreneurs can choose from a wide array of capabilities and get instant access to marketing knowledge, eliminating the need for expensive marketing expertise. With AI-powered ad builders, entrepreneurs can allocate their time and resources towards refining their strategy and messaging, rather than getting bogged down in technical intricacies of setting up, creating and launch online ads.

Moreover, AI ad builders offer a solid foundation for experimentation and iteration. Entrepreneurs can quickly and easily test different ad variations and analyse performance metrics to refine their campaigns. This data-driven approach leads to more impactful campaigns and higher conversion rates, empowering entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about their advertising strategy.

However, it's worth considering the current limitations of AI and hence also their effect on ad builders. While they offer convenience and efficiency, they may lack the power to customize the output to reflect your individual brand, which is crucial when it comes to marketing. So, it’s worth remembering that when it comes to leveraging AI tools, not all platforms are created equal:

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT, for example, is an advanced natural language processing model capable of generating high-quality text content. By providing prompts and inputs, users can leverage ChatGPT to create ad copy, headlines, and descriptions. However, its output isn’t perfect, and getting your copy right by marketing standards requires advanced prompt engineering.

Midjourney is an AI-driven image generation tool that specialises in creating visually appealing graphics and designs for online ads. Using advanced algorithms, Midjourney can generate a wide variety of images – but as with ChatGPT, creating compelling ad creatives out of Midjourney requires skills and knowledge.

Balloonary stands out as an AI-powered platform focused on creating and launching online ads. It simplifies the entire ad creation process. By leveraging AI technology and its expertise in marketing, Balloonary streamlines tasks such as the ad account set-up, ad copy and image generation, and budget control. This enables users to create high-performing ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google with ease; making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to grow their business with online ads.

The decision to use ad builders versus creating ads manually in advertising platforms is clear, especially for business owners seeking to leverage online ads as a new marketing channel. However, leveraging specialised AI ad builders like Balloonary will provide an unmatched competitive advantage when it comes to getting started with online ads.

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