But first, Lemme Take a Shelfie’ - Ten Ways Any Small Business Can Create an Interesting Spaces for Instagrammers

If you don't have many followers on your small business Instagram, attract those who do.

But first, Lemme Take a Shelfie’ - Ten Ways Any Small Business Can Create an Interesting Spaces for Instagrammers

In today's digital era, utilising social media is essential for small businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. Among these platforms, with over one billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram stands out as a powerhouse of opportunity – particularly because over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, making the platform a hub for potential customers.

Sky high user figures aside, according to a report by Socialbakers, Instagram has the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms, at 1.22%. Of course, the allure of the gram, lies in its visual appeal, but beyond aesthetics,it isn't just limited to eye-catching brand awareness.

Small businesses can see tangible financial gains through the platform. Instagram offers a range of features like shoppable posts and stories, where users can discover and purchase products without leaving the platform. In a study conducted by Shopify, it was found that the average order value from Instagram marketing is $65, surpassing Facebook's $55 and Twitter's $46.

So, while you may have only considered leveraging Instagram’s visually appeal for your business – it’s time you think again about the platform as a dynamic tool for small businesses which can elevate your brand's visibility, engage your audience, and drive real business growth.

We’ve come up with ten creative and cost-effective ideas to make your space Instagram-worthy, to help get you started:

1. Create a Vibrant Mural or Wall Art: To transform your physical shop into an Instagram hotspot, consider commissioning a mural or creating your own wall art. This one-of-a-kind visual element will set your business apart and instantly catch the eye of passersby and Instagrammers alike. You can work with a local artist or collaborate with a like-minded brand and benefit from their community in the process.

Whether it's a vibrant abstract design or a depiction of your products, it can become an iconic backdrop for photos. When customers take photos in front of the mural and share them on Instagram, they essentially become brand ambassadors, promoting your business to their followers.

2.       Feature Art Installations That Change Regularly: If the Mural idea works then why not build on the concept and keep it exciting by rotating art installations or thematic decor. Whether it's seasonal decorations, art exhibitions, or thematic setups, these changes give customers a reason to return and capture the latest look.

Rotating decor or art installations creates a sense of anticipation and curiosity. Customers will come back to see what's new, and they're likely to share their excitement and experiences on Instagram, generating buzz for your business.

3. Incorporate Greenery with a Plant Wall: Plants are Instagrammable. So, not only will the addition of greenery breathe life into your shop's design, if curated carefully, the lush and organic backdrop will be photogenic, thus appealing to Instagrammers.

A plant wall is not only cost-effective but also easy to maintain, making it a long-term investment. Instagrammers are drawn to the aesthetic of lush greenery in interior spaces, and they'll want to capture this in photos.

4. Utilise Vintage or Antique Decor: Vintage and antique items add character and personality to your shop. Look for unique pieces that align with your brand's identity or the theme of your products. These items can serve as both functional decor and eye-catching Instagram backdrops.

Antique decor pieces often have a story to tell, making them conversation starters for anyone visiting your space. When customers share photos of these unique items, they indirectly promote your business and create a sense of nostalgia and intrigue around your brand. Also, upcycled vintage pieces appeal because you are making sustainable choices as a business.

5. Craft DIY Photo Corners: Create a designated photo corner within your shop where customers can take fun and quirky selfies. Provide a selection of props like hats, glasses, signs, or themed accessories related to your products. Encourage visitors to let their creativity run wild and share their photos on Instagram.

Photo corners not only enhance the customer experience but also generate user-generated content. When people share their images on Instagram, they're essentially endorsing your business to their followers and expanding your reach.

6. Display Quality Products in an Instagram-Worthy Way: Ensure that your product displays are visually appealing and Instagram-ready. Invest in attractive packaging and arrange your products in an organised and aesthetically pleasing manner. Think books stacked in order of size and colour, punctuated with ceramics and house plants, and be sure to share your shop displays by jumping on the #Shelfie hashtag.

Instagrammers love to showcase unique and beautiful products, displayed in a beautiful way. By making your products inherently Instagram-worthy, you encourage customers to take photos and share them on their profiles, essentially turning your products into influencers.

7. Use Eye-Catching Signage: A memorable and unique sign can become the focal point of your shop, capturing the attention of Instagrammers and passersby. Design a sign that embodies your brand's identity and values, making it instantly recognizable and shareable.

Eye-catching signage not only makes your business stand out but also serves as a landmark for those looking for your shop. When customers take photos with your sign and share them on Instagram, it helps with brand recognition and recall.

8. Host Instagrammable Events: Organise events or workshops in your shop that are highly Instagrammable. This could include art classes, fashion shows, cooking demos, or other interactive activities that align with your business. Encourage attendees to take photos and share their experiences on Instagram.

Instagrammable events provide a dual benefit. They attract attendees to your shop, and the content generated during these events becomes a valuable promotional tool. Attendees are likely to share their experiences on Instagram, giving your business exposure to their followers.

9. Install Unique Lighting Fixtures: Innovative lighting can significantly impact your shop's ambiance. Consider installing unique and stylish lighting fixtures, such as Edison bulbs, string lights, or neon signs. These elements can create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Innovative lighting adds a touch of glamour and can make your shop feel more cozy or upscale. Instagrammers are drawn to visually appealing spaces, and good lighting is essential for capturing high-quality photos.

10. Offer Instagram-Exclusive Promotions: To encourage Instagram users to visit your shop, offer exclusive promotions or discounts to those who follow your business on Instagram or mention your shop in their posts. These incentives can help boost your online presence and drive foot traffic.

Instagram-exclusive promotions not only reward loyal customers but also create a sense of community around your brand. They encourage customers to engage with your shop on social media, spreading the word and attracting new visitors.

Implementing these ideas doesn't have to break the bank, yet they can provide a substantial return on investment in the form of increased footfall, social media engagement, and brand loyalty. By creating a space that Instagrammers love, your small business can tap into the powerful world of social media marketing. So, go ahead and start transforming your shop into a visual delight that Instagrammers can't resist!