What Happened When We Challenged ChatGPT to Rewrite Three Scenes from Some of the Most Iconic Movies of All Time

AI and the Death of Creativity?’ - What happened when we challenged ChatGPT to rewrite three scenes from some of the most iconic movies of all time- Forrest Gump, The Terminator, and The Wolf of Wall Street

What Happened When We Challenged ChatGPT to Rewrite Three Scenes from Some of the Most Iconic Movies of All Time

In the landscape of artificial intelligence, an ongoing debate exists as to whether AI will eventually replace human creativity. Some fear that the rise of AI-driven technologies spells doom for the imaginative arts, leaving us with soulless and formulaic content.

To see for ourselves, we decided to pit ChatGPT, one of the most advanced language models, against the writers of three cult classic movies: Forrest Gump, The Terminator, and The Wolf of Wall Street. What we discovered was both impressive and reassuring.

- ChatGPT nails the brief, but humans set the creative parameters.

Our experiment began by challenging ChatGPT to craft parody scenes for the three iconic films. ChatGPT rose to the challenge and delivered creative, amusing narratives that resonated with the essence of each movie.

However, it’s important to note that the creative parameters were set by the human providing the briefing. The style, genre, and tone were all influenced by human input. ChatGPT acted as an exceptional collaborator, leveraging the rich and vast data, existing on the internet, that the tool can sift through in seconds to create a body of writing. But it did not autonomously determine the direction of the plots.

Steering the brief for each plot summary was the Balloonary team, envisaging a parody to Forrest Gump told from the perspective of ‘Jenny,’ detailing the challenges of her life and the complexity of her character as the leading role; a new dystopian society as the setting for The Terminator, where our leading robot is stay-at-home dad, wielding little power against a world dominated by female power; and a modern day spin on The Wolf of Wall Street, where bankers deal in crypto and splash their cash on OnlyFans.

While the plot synopsis generated by ChatGPT were smart, creative, and amusing, as with briefing another human, if the brief is lacking in detail and direction, the results would be the same.

- ChatGPT can leverage the magic of text prediction, but humans still lead the way.

At the core of ChatGPT's capabilities lies text prediction. By analysing vast amounts of data, the model learns which words tend to follow others most probabilistically. This predictive nature enables ChatGPT to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses.

While ChatGPT serves as a brilliant tool to save time and spark creativity, it's important to acknowledge that human creativity is the guiding force. The model's outputs are shaped by the vast array of human-generated data it has learned from. Thus, the ultimate brilliance of the ideas still stems from human ingenuity and imagination.

So, what does that look like with it comes to writing movie plots?

1. ‘Jenny’.

‘In this uproarious parody scene from "Jenny," we follow Jenny's perspective during the Vietnam War. Mistakenly drafted into the Army, Jenny's clueless charm clashes hilariously with the chaos of battle.

She collects flowers amidst bullets, tries to start a "peace protest," and even exchanges love letters with an enemy soldier. Unwittingly, Jenny diffuses tension with a dance routine, leaving soldiers amused. Her comical antics provide respite from the horrors of war, creating an absurd yet endearing portrayal of the leading lady's adventures. "Jenny" delivers a delightful twist to an iconic film's story, offering a unique and humorous take on the beloved character's wartime escapades.”

2. Terminator

In this comedic parody of the cult classic film "Terminator," the dystopian future of 2029 has taken a turn. Our relentless killing machine is re-imagined as a stay-at-home dad facing a unique challenge – parenting his son.

When his son expresses a desire for a toy gun, The Terminator firmly puts his foot down, forbidding any weapons in the house. Little John Connor is persistent, but The Terminator uses his robotic wit and parenting skills to explain the importance of peaceful play and resolving conflicts without violence.

Terminator is a laugh-out-loud parody that flips the script on the classic sci-fi thriller, showcasing an unconventional journey into the world of parenting while emphasizing the importance of non-violence.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

A comedic and satirical parody that puts a 2023 twist on the true story of Jordan Belfort. As in the original film our leading man is a charismatic and cunning investor. However, in this parody version, his downfall begins when he loses billions in a catastrophic bitcoin crash. Desperate to regain his wealth, Jordan delves into the dark web, engaging in dodgy deals and shady schemes to recover his fortune.

Amidst his financial troubles, Jordan's indulgence takes a different turn in 2023,  finding himself caught up in the allure of OnlyFans. He becomes a prolific spender, showering hundreds of thousands of dollars on content creators, only to have his extravagant habits exposed to the world.

This satirical commentary serves as a reminder of the extreme greed and wealth prevalent in the financial world. Through its comedic tone and exaggerated scenarios, the film offers both entertainment and a cautionary message about the perils of unbridled ambition.

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